Front cover of the book - Love Sex: An integrative model for sexual education

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LoveSex: An Integrative Model for Sexual Education

by Cabby Laffy

This book looks at how our brains, minds, bodies, and emotions interact to create our experience of sexuality, and how we can create a sense of sexual self-esteem and a nutritious sexual diet for ourselves. This book challenges the cultural commodification of sex and sexuality, and encourages the reader to experience “being sexual” rather than “doing sex” or “looking sexy”. This is crucial to our development of sexual self-esteem, particularly in an era of ubiquitous online pornography. It offers help recovering from sexual shame and the sexual abuse and violence that are so pervasive in our society, and it does all this in an affirming, accessible yet psychologically sophisticated way, making it suitable for lay readers and therapists alike.

“This book is well researched, full of non-intimidating source material and backed up by unique insights drawn from the most recent advances in neuroscience. It is scholarly but accessible. The writing style is understandable and non-threatening. Somewhere between the over-sexualisation of images to sell goods and services and the moral panic about pornography and sexual license stands this excellent book—an important understanding that human sexuality is a cause for rejoicing and celebration.”
Dr Thaddeus Birchard, Clinical Director, Marylebone Centre for Psychological Therapies
“In writing this book Cabby Laffy makes an important contribution to the field of psychosexual therapy by focussing on creating vibrant self-awareness and choice in sexuality, thereby modelling healthy expansiveness in sexual development rather than the avoidance of dysfunction. Her book is easy for anyone to understand yet sophisticated enough that even experienced therapists will have much to learn. The diagrams and illustrations are particularly helpful.”
Dr Scilla Elworthy, author of Power and Sex
“An exciting new way of considering sexuality: as a source of energy, a topic of our time. Incorporating the individual, the social and the spiritual, the reader is invited and challenged to explore and empower themselves.”
Aleine Ridge, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister

“This is an excellent publication that considerably adds to any interested readers  knowledge, whether a lay reader, trainee, or an experienced therapist. Cabby takes an integrated, holistic approach to love and sexuality and considers the importance of self-awareness and personal choices in empowering sexuality for individuals. The book celebrates human sexuality in its wonderful diversity.”

Jo Coker, Psychosexual Therapist

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Guidelines for Working Therapeutically
with Survivors of Female Genital Mutilation

Authors: Christie Coho, Roxana Parra Sepúlveda, Leyla Hussein and Cabby Laffy
December 2019

New Guidelines Released for Professionals Working with Survivors of FGM

Women who have survived FGM need specialist support to address the psychological and physical legacies that affect their daily lives. Female Genital Trauma: Guidelines for Working Therapeutically with Survivors of Female Genital Mutilation brings together expertise from leading psychotherapists into new guidelines to assist all professionals when supporting survivors of FGM.

‘This guide will not just ensure psychotherapists are educated on how they support and work with FGM survivors in therapy, it will also safeguard women and children from all forms of harm and help women to reclaim their bodies without judgment or shame.’    Dr Leyla Hussein, co-author and founder of the Dahlia Project